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Leave the washing to us! We make cloth diapers easy to use.


Cloth diapers are simple & affordable. Get started…

1. Setup Service

Call our office to setup your delivery schedule.

You can start using our service anytime. We offer pre-delivery orders that are delivered 1 – 2 weeks before your due date.

2. We Deliver

We deliver to your home, office or day care.

We provide everything you need to use our cloth diaper service from the diapers to the pail to store dirty diapers in.

3. We Pickup

We pickup once a week and deliver fresh cloth diapers.

Our friendly pickup service will pick up your dirty cloth diapers once a week and replace them with fresh, clean diapers. We do all the cleaning!

Since 1990, Mother Nature’s Diaper Service has been changing the way Dane County parents, grandparents, and caregivers think about diapers and the health of their babies. We have built a reputation as Madison’s #1 cloth diaper delivery service, because…

  • We do all the yucky stuff – NO spraying & splashing all over your toilet or walls.

  • Our computerized washing process is even more extensive than hospitals use for their linens.

  • We even control the ph balance which isn’t possible with home laundering.

  • This is why Pediatricians recommend us when a baby has diaper rash from the chemicals in disposables or residues from home systems.

  • Only commercial machines have the ability to consistently and rigorously rinse out all cleaning residues, not to mention the cleaning ability our commercial grade ultra-hot water system has!

  • Our economies of scale also save energy to keep our pricing so competitive (compared to do-it-yourself options)

So as you can see, cloth diaper services are more than just convenience – it’s the health of your new child’s skin and body!

Set up a pre-birth delivery  date today!

This a FREE part of our service to get one more thing off your list!

  • Emily K"They are generous, helpful, and extremely customer service oriented! They came into our home and showed us exactly how to use the diapers and are helpful anytime we have questions.  Our daughter is more comfortable in them. They have shown us the savings and the benefits for us personally and for the environment.  I recommend them to EVERYONE!" Emily K., Madison
  • Stina T"My husband and I decided to use Mother Nature's Diaper Service because we were committed to using cloth diapers with our newborn daughter, but did not want the burden of washing them. I received great customer service, including prompt returns of my voicemail messages, and had no problems with adjusting our orders due to vacation/surplus supply.  Thanks to Mother Nature's, we found that it can be convenient, healthy, sustainable, and cost-effective to use cloth diapers.  Stina T., Madison
  • Marsh-McGlone"We signed up for service before our baby was born--she was a preemie so we needed smaller diapers than the newborn ones they had initially delivered. I called them at night and they brought us over a full delivery of the new preemie size the very next morning. I recommend them to EVERYONE!"  

    Megan Marsh-McGlone, Madison

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